You know, that the first days of a child’s life are touching and incredibly important moment in life. The first acquaintance with this large and new, unfamiliar world in which there is a lot to see, to learn, to make a lot of discoveries.
But while the newborn baby is sleeping peacefully it is a unique spectacle, which evokes a sense of emotion and an incomparable thrill.

To capture it and to save for centuries there is a special direction in the photographic art, the so called newborn photography. This form of photography needs many qualities – perceptiveness, love for children, ability to catch the subtle mood of the baby and the moment when it is particularly nice. A newborn photographer is not just a profession – it’s a state of mind.

In the first two weeks of its life the baby is in its most natural, direct form – the way the nature intended. The baby is flexible, easy taking the most bizarre and funny poses. Most of the time he sleeps, and sleeps as accustomed to being in the womb of its mother. Newborns are beautiful and this beauty needs a professional portrait.

When the infant gets older, parents can show him these unique photos. Such a chance drops out only once, and only a really skilled photographer for a newborn can realize it.